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Modifications to the Laws of the game for Masters.

Sept 1, 2022 edition


British Columbia Masters Rugby is played according to WORLD RUGBY LAWS of the GAME, variations plus some additional modifications are specific to the CMRU. Canada Rugby has provided a national guideline for Master’s Modifications. BC Rugby has provided the Rules of Competition document which summarizes the structure of the BC Master’s game. This CMRU document, summarises the current variations pertinent to master’s Rugby as it is played in British Columbia. This CMRU document supersedes the Rugby Canada document when issues come into conflict. 

Participants must be aged 38 and above and whilst the majority of players are between 38 and 55, there are quite a few in their 60’s and 70’s and some aged 80 and above! As with all aspects of the game, SAFETY is paramount.  However, given the wide variation in the ages of players and the equally wide variation in physical prowess it is necessary to introduce some safeguards to ensure the safety of those who either because of previous injury or advancing years would be at risk in the full contact variant of the Game.

It is the responsibility of individual players to determine whether or not they are capable of playing full contact rugby, note however that overly robust play is discouraged at all times in the Masters game.

This document specifically covers the Master’s Modifications and rationale for the current restrictions on tackling players wearing ‘coloured’ shorts and offers refereeing guidelines pertinent to the restrictions on tackling players wearing ‘coloured’ shorts. It also provides the resulting sanctions for any breach of the CMRU modifications. The essential purpose is to ensure consistency, equity and fair play for all.

The Master’s laws created by the “Golden Oldies” and the “World Vintage” organizations are not in play with any Masters game under the jurisdiction of the CMRU.

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We will be taking waitlist names should someone fall out

The Tour is Postponed due to the on-going Covid-19 Global Pandemic

Update Oct 11, 2019
33 Players paid deposits
11 Tourists paid deposits
5 + 1 Still to pay deposits
12 Tourists
50 Total Travellers

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Sign up and Deposit of $300 by September 30, 2019
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# Name 2021 Age Position Deposit
1 Mike Sarosiak 60 F $300
2 Bill Spiller 70 F $300
3 Paul Eby 40 F $300
4 Dave Knox 70 B $300
5 Tim Walshaw 40 B $300
6 Ian Cameron 70 B $300
7 Andy Quaye 60 F $300
8 Sean Renshaw 45 B $300
9 Des Lynch 65 B $300
10 Mike Finneron 65 B $300
11 Nelson Bath 50 B $300
12 Steve Neish 60 F $300
13 Dave McMordie 40 B $300
14 Glen Okrainetz T   $300
15 Mike Joss 50 F $300
16 Ken Rich 55 B $300
17 Pete Gibson 70 F $300
18 Jim Armstong 82 B $300
19 Eric White 50 F $300
20 Rick Kotzian 60 F $300
21 Sean Ross 45 B $300
22 Jamie Charko 45 B $300
23 Conrad Manly 55 F $300
24 Brent Eby 55 F $300
25 Leighton Burridge (Taffy) 55 F $300
26 Chris Poulton 50 F Will pay on return from his cruise mid-October
27 Vahid Bossi 50 F $300
28 Murk Toorenburgh 70 F Will pay when he returns from Europe in mid-October
29 John Edgington 60 B $300
30 Deryl Townsend 50 F $300
31 Paul Dancey 60 F $300
32 Martin Thornton 55 F $300
33 David Millard 60 F $300
34 Jeremy Harvey 45 F Cannot commit too early
35 Brett Hay 55 B $300
36 Dave Jack 45 B $300
38 Andrew Foster  45  F $300
39 Mark Edgington T   $300
40 Jeremy Partner T   With Jeremy
41 Bev Neish T   $300
42 Alyssa Collister (Foster)   $300 
43 Nicole Eby T   $300
44 Nick (Quaye?) T   $300
45 Deanna Renshaw T   $300
46 Ayumi Renshaw T   $300
47 Nelson Partner T   $300
48 Anne Marie (Eric) T   $300
49 Sue Rudiger (Rick Kotzian) T   $300
50 Brent Partner T   $300
  Tourist = T 12    
  Purple 80 1    
  Yellow 70 5 9  Forwards
  Red 60 9 6  Backs
  Black 50 14 12  Forwards
  White 40 9 11  Backs
  Total Travellers 50    
  Average Age 55    
1 Luke Kratz 55  
2 Lisa Kratz T    
3  Alex Ross T    




To foster an inclusive, welcoming environment so that players of every shape, size, gender, age, ability, and skill level are able to participate in developmentally appropriate, controlled, competitive and enjoyable games. Use the game as the best teacher for teamwork, co-operation and respect between participants, coaches, players, officials, parents, and fans.


Use a player-centred and development driven model to continually assess, adapt and improve appropriate law variations for all ages across Canada. We seek to ensure integrity, passion, solidarity, discipline and respect are central tenants for all considerations, decisions and variations made.

2021 Masters Laws


Masters rugby is the variation of rugby for players over the age of 35. The game is played with a combination of the World Rugby Laws of the game and additional variations explained throughout the Masters Law Variations Document. The variations are in place to ensure players of all ages and experience level can continue to participate in a safe and inclusive environment. The number one priority of the Masters Law Variations is safety and the variations explained throughout the document have been put in place with the welfare of the player in mind.

Coloured Shorts

Law Variations



Thursdays @ 5:15 PM

Bullen Park

next to Esquimalt Recreation Centre
Changeroom #4 in Arena

527 Fraser Street, Esquimalt, BC
Tel: (250) 412-8500

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