Greetings all,

Hopefully you and your families are healthy and as happy as can be under the circumstances. There has not been a lot to report since the November suspension of adult sports but with vaccinations and other actions there is some reason for optimism about returning to the rugby pitch.


Return to Play

On Wednesday, April 21, the BCRU hosted a call to update clubs on possible scenarios for resuming with the Return to Play program:

  • Resume Phase 3 (touch) in June, adults may start later than youth
  • Phase 3 for all age groups during July & August
  • Phase 4 (modified contact, possibly inter-club play) may start in August and run through September
  • Modified contact rugby during a shortened fall season in October & November
  • Return to full contact rugby late January
  • Potential dates for PANORU clubs: September 4th – exhibition games
  • October 17 – renew league matches


Registration opens April 22 for two time periods:

June to August 1: in preparation for resumption of Phase 3
August 1, 2021 to August 31, 2022: in preparation for modified and full contact play
$10 for the 12 week period from June to August 1, 2021
$82 for the 13 month period from August 1, 2021 to August 31, 2022
BCRU is encouraging early player registration so that we will be ready for action whenever in June we get approval to return to the pitch. Darren is working with BCRU to ensure that the Ebb Tide package is good to go.

We have our COVID management plan for running at Windsor Park approved by BCRU so once we get the green light, practices should resume in short order.

Annual General Meeting

The AGM will hopefully be held in person in a safe manner outside on the field after a practice in June. Here are the executive positions up for election. While all the current office holders except Darren have indicated that they are prepared to stand for another term, more nominations are still welcomed for all positions. The club will need for certain a new Registrar.

  • President: Glen Okrainetz
  • Quartermaster: Dave McMordie
  • Registrar: Darren Kovacs is stepping down
  • Fields: Murk Toorenburgh
  • Director at Large: Dave Valentine
  • Captain: Paul Eby

Duties of the Registrar include:

  • assisting players with the annual registration process;
  • reporting regularly to executive on the status of club registration; and
  • developing a relationship with BCRU and Rugby Canada to ensure the smooth functioning of the annual registration process.

More recently, Darren was the club’s COVID Safety Manager but hopefully by the Fall this will no longer be needed. If you want further information about the Registrar position contact Darren.


The club’s last formal social event was the Christmas Party in December 2019!!! Dave Valentine has been in touch with Cedar Hill Golf Club about a tournament in August or September but they do not have approval to offer a date yet. If allowable under future health directives, there may be opportunities for social gatherings over the summer months.

Stay tuned! Be safe and we’ll all get together soon!!

Yours in rugby,