Laws of the Game - Masters

Modifications to the Laws of the game for Masters.

Sept 1, 2023 edition


British Columbia Masters Rugby is played according to WORLD RUGBY LAWS of the GAME, variations plus some additional modifications are specific to the CMRU. Canada Rugby has provided a national guideline for Master’s Modifications. BC Rugby has provided the Rules of Competition document which summarizes the structure of the BC Master’s game. This CMRU document, summarises the current variations pertinent to master’s Rugby as it is played in British Columbia. This CMRU document supersedes the Rugby Canada document when issues come into conflict. 

Participants must be aged 38 and above and whilst the majority of players are between 38 and 55, there are quite a few in their 60’s and 70’s and some aged 80 and above! As with all aspects of the game, SAFETY is paramount.  However, given the wide variation in the ages of players and the equally wide variation in physical prowess it is necessary to introduce some safeguards to ensure the safety of those who either because of previous injury or advancing years would be at risk in the full contact variant of the Game.

It is the responsibility of individual players to determine whether or not they are capable of playing full contact rugby, note however that overly robust play is discouraged at all times in the Masters game.

This document specifically covers the Master’s Modifications and rationale for the current restrictions on tackling players wearing ‘coloured’ shorts and offers refereeing guidelines pertinent to the restrictions on tackling players wearing ‘coloured’ shorts. It also provides the resulting sanctions for any breach of the CMRU modifications. The essential purpose is to ensure consistency, equity and fair play for all.

The Master’s laws created by the “Golden Oldies” and the “World Vintage” organizations are not in play with any Masters game under the jurisdiction of the CMRU.